Creating the perfect fountain is our area of expertise!  Successful fountain planning and design relies heavily on engineering expertise, particularly with hydraulics.  Our team of licensed engineers is able to focus their technical and creative talents on crafting a broad range of fountain designs to meet your specific goals.


The combination of sight and sound from a fountain is captivating and we are drawn to water, both passively and actively.  Our team of experienced engineers consult with you to understand your goals and aesthetic needs and they work with you to plan the perfect combination of visual and auditory elements to make your fountain serve as an aesthetic symbol or an eye-catching centerpiece.


Our engineers can provide full construction documents for the entire fountain project or simply the plans for the hydraulic design necessary to implement a previous design.  We routinely work with sculptors, architects, landscape architects, and other design firms and can tailor our designs to meet the specifications of any team member.  Whether we are designing the full project or just the hydraulics, our team of fountain designers will focus on designing a safe, creative, aesthetically pleasing, and easily operable and maintainable project.

Construction Administration

Your project manager will work closely with the team during the construction process and will monitor progress .  They will visit the developing fountain at necessary stages to review the current progress and to preview any upcoming work with the construction crew.  Our efforts will be aimed at helping the contractor perform their work right the first time, in order to keep the project on-time and on-budget.

In addition, our team can also provide other standard services during this phase, including pay request reviews, shop drawing reviews, material test reviews, and more.

Operator Training

Upon completion of the fountain construction, your project manager will meet with the operator of the fountain to discuss the important aspects of properly operating and maintaining the new fountain.