Planning, designing and constructing an aquatic facility can be an overwhelming job.  Our role is to guide you through the process by offering comprehensive services during each phase of the project to ensure the successful completion of your aquatic facility.

Creating a successful plan for your new aquatic facility is the key to success!

Facility Evaluation

If you currently have an existing facility, our engineers can evaluate the major pool facilities and systems as a part of the planning process.  The focus of the evaluation will be to define the current conditions, identify the current problems, and present possible improvement or replacement options.

Our staff of trained engineers are experienced in project-based solutions; performing detailed water loss and other technical testing procedures, such as electrical bonding, to determine additional areas of concerns within your aquatic facility.

Concepts + Costs

During the planning phase, our project managers meet with a variety of individuals, including user groups, city staff, council members, and community members to identify your goals and aquatic preferences. After understanding your aquatic needs, we create multiple concept plans of your future aquatic facility that encompasses the desired key features and programming needs.

Along with concept plan drawings, we develop the total project and construction costs to serve as the basis for funding and contractor bidding purposes. We also provide an operation projection with your local costs for wages, utilities, and chemicals, and an income projection using your specific ticket and program pricing.

Feasibility Studies

Successful planning for aquatic facilities relies on a collaborative process that includes understanding what you have, listening to what the users want, and creating options to meet the aquatic needs.  Our feasibility study will incorporate each of those steps in our planning process through the following tasks:

  • Evaluating the current demand and future needs for aquatic programs through the use of a citizen survey, focus group meetings and public meetings
  • Identifying strategies through the use of a planning meetings or workshops
  • Developing options that satisfy the preferred community aquatic goals
  • Recommending planning strategies for new and improved aquatic facilities that will provide the best value to the citizens

During the design phase of your aquatic facility, we compile all construction documents, which will incorporate all construction specifications, contract forms, and detailed drawings necessary to construct your new or renovated facility.  Our aquatic facility construction documents are highly detailed and designed while keeping your budget, operation, and long-term maintenance goals in mind.  In addition, by utilizing readily available materials and traditional construction techniques, our construction documents encourage local contractor participation.

Probable Construction Costs

Based on the final approved concept, Waters Edge Aquatic Design will develop an opinion of probable construction costs.  Cost information at this stage will be based on recently bid and constructed pools, adjusted for your location and inflation.

Design Development

After the schematic design plans have been approved, the design development phase will begin.  During design development, we will refine the schematic design and begin to develop an increasing level of detail that describes the size and character of the project.  The pool structure, recirculation system, gutter system, pumps, filters, chemical systems and pool heating system will be identified.  Construction cost projections will be revised and presentation drawings will be provided.  Exterior concepts will include a site plan, a pool layout, pool features, and show how the outdoor pool components compliment the newly built existing recreation center.  Our graphics will be detailed enough to give you and your community a good visual of what your pool facility will look like.

Construction Plans

Our drawings and specifications will be thoroughly detailed and will be sealed by a licensed engineer.  We prepare our designs and drawings so quality general contractors, including local contractors, can bid on the work and actually build the pool, buildings, and site work.  We use readily available materials and traditional construction techniques.  This allows local trades to participate, particularly with the site work, and the buildings.

Bidding Services

We develop bidding construction documents which will incorporate all construction specifications, contract forms, and detailed drawings.  We will assist in advertising the project to prospective bidders.  After all bids have been received, we will review and tabulate all bids and recommend a best bidder based on criteria previously determined and communicated by the client.

Shop Drawing Review

We will review and take other appropriate action on the Contractor submittals, such as shop drawings, product data, samples and other data, which the Contractor is required to submit, for the purpose of checking for conformance with the design concept and the information shown in the Construction Documents.

Site Visits and Progress Reports

During the construction of the facility, we will monitor each stage of the construction process including meetings at the construction site.  We believe site visits are the key to controlling the construction phase.  We will not only review the contractor’s work, but we also use our on-site time to preview upcoming work with the construction crew.  Our efforts are aimed at helping the contractor do their work right the first time, in order to keep the project on time and on budget.

Equipment and Supply Needs

It is not necessary for the contractor to provide all the items needed for operating a pool.  They will do the heavy lifting and the actual construction, but much more is needed at a pool.

We will help you prepare a list of equipment and supplies that are just as easily purchased by your staff without the contractor’s mark-up.  Items such as cash registers, hoses, vacuums, test kits, chairs, desks, file cabinets, chairs, concession equipment and other items your staff will use day to day.

Our team members are skilled in the operation and technical details of your new facility, and we are invested in your success.

As the construction nears completion, we coordinate facility start-up services and the training of your staff on the operation and maintenance of your new aquatic facility.  Our design team also includes a Certified Pool Operator Instructor on hand to train your staff in all aspects of facility operation, including:  filling the pool, filtering the pool water, backwashing the filters, adjusting the chemicals, draining the pool and winterizing the pool water treatment facilities.

Our team also serves as a valuable resource after the completion of your facility and are available at any time to address your questions and concerns.  From simple questions about maintaining chemical levels to more complex questions regarding mechanical issues, our team will be there to support you and your facility.


Combining more than three decades of experience, Waters Edge has become one of the leading experts in aquatic design in the United States.  Known for detailed technical knowledge, Waters Edge uses its years of experience to assist in expert witness forensics litigation from Hawaii to New York on the full range of aquatic facility design and construction issues.  Led by senior Principal, David Schwartz P.E., the design team is committed to making aquatics a healthy and safe place.  Currently, Dave serves on two Model Aquatic Health Code committees.

Expert Witness Services

  • Testimony: Provide sworn testimony at both deposition and trial based on research and professional code of ethics.
  • Facility Evaluation: Conduct on-site analysis and investigation.
  • Fact Discovery Review and Assistance: Review materials and facts, offer a professional analysis, and provide expert affidavits and reports.
  • Advisor Services: Prepare your case for trial or settlement by understanding both sides of the case.