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Designing and constructing an aquatic facility can be an overwhelming job. Our role is to guide you through the process from initial planning to completed construction. We work with you collaboratively through four primary phases: Planning and Study, Aquatic Design, Construction Administration and Post Occupancy.

Planning & Study

Along with concept drawings, we develop total project and construction cost estimates to serve as the basis for funding and contractor bidding. We also provide an operation projection for revenue and expenditures, and develop a business plan using your local costs for wages, utilities and chemicals. Income projection using your specific ticket and program pricing is available as well.

Facility Evaluation

Our engineers are ready to evaluate your existing facility. The focus of the evaluation will define the current conditions, identify problems and present possible improvement or replacement options.

Concepts and magnitude of costs

Our project managers meet with user groups, city staff, council members and community members to identify your goals and aquatic preferences. We then create multiple concept plans of your future aquatic facility that encompass the desired key features and programming needs.

Feasibility studies and master planning

If a more comprehensive understanding of options is necessary, a feasibility study or master plan will get you there. Our study process includes current facility assessment, community consultation and a concrete plan for meeting those needs, as well as:

  • Market studies including evaluation of current demand and future needs for aquatic programs and collecting public feedback.
  • Identifying possible strategies based on existing conditions and goals for the future.
  • Developing options that satisfy goals identified through internal feedback, public input and industry best practices.
  • Providing strategy recommendations via detailed reports and presentations.

Aquatic Design

Our project team will meet with key project stakeholders to create multiple concept plans of your future aquatic facility. Plans will encompass any desired key features, and include an income projection using your specific ticket and program pricing.

Schematic design

The purpose of schematic design is to identify the scale of your future aquatic facility, including what features and spaces are included. Our project team can confirm the final concept or create multiple concept plans.

Probable costs

Based on the final approved concept, Waters Edge Aquatic Design will develop an opinion of probable construction costs. Cost information will be based on recently bid and constructed pools, adjusted for your location and inflation.

Design development

The design development of the project will include identifying pool structure, recirculation system, gutter system, pumps, filters, chemical systems and heating system. Construction cost projections will be revised and presentation drawings will be provided. Exterior concepts will include a site plan, a pool layout, and pool features.

Construction documents

Our drawings and specifications will be thoroughly detailed and will be sealed by a licensed engineer. These designs are made to be used in contractor bidding and allow local trades to participate in the site work.

Bidding services

Our bidding construction documents incorporate all construction specifications, contract forms and detailed drawings. Our team will assist in advertising the project to prospective bidders and review bids as they’re received to determine the best match for the project based on client specifications.

Construction Administration

We will review and prepare contractor submittals and ensure conformance with the design concept.

Site visits and progress reports

To keep the project on time and within budget, we will closely monitor each stage of construction and attend meetings at the site. We find this hands-on approach to reviewing the contractors’ work is the best way to control the construction phase for our clients.

Equipment and supply needs

The WEAD team will prepare a list of all necessary operational equipment for your aquatic facility, from office equipment to pool hardware. This list can be used to purchase all the necessary items to get your facility up and off the ground.

Shop drawing review

We will review and prepare contractor submittals and ensure conformance with the design concept.

Post Occupancy

As construction nears completion, we coordinate facility start-up services and the staff training in operation and maintenance. Our Certified Pool Operator Instructor is available for training on filling the pool, filtering the water, backwashing the filters, adjusting chemicals, and draining and winterizing the pool water treatment facilities.
Our team also serves as a valuable resource after completion and are available at any time to address your questions and concerns. From simple inquiries about maintaining chemical levels to more complex questions regarding mechanical issues, our team will be there to support you and your facility.

Business development

For facilities that need a little help in planning and executing an aquatics program when it is time to open the doors, our team can help develop a business plan and work through operational needs such as:

  • Hours of operation
  • Staffing and schedules
  • Program development
  • Revenue and expenditure projections

Forensic services

The Waters Edge team uses its years of experience to assist in expert witness forensic litigation regarding aquatic facility design and construction issues whenever necessary.

  • Testimony
  • Facility Evaluation
  • Fact discovery review and assistance
  • Advisor services

Training and support

Our team members are invested in your success and have the skills to train where necessary.

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