Aquatic Facility Planning: Paramount to Success

Waters Edge

Over the years, our design staff has witnessed many communities across the country struggle with the steps towards developing a new or renovated aquatic facility.  The path is often unclear and difficult to navigate as budgets are projected, features are evaluated, and funding options are researched.

As an aquatic consulting and design firm, our experience with facility evaluations, concept planning, design, and construction gives us extensive knowledge of the appropriate steps during the planning and design of many types of aquatic facilities.  And however different all of our clients and communities may be, they all share one common goal:  To create a modern aquatic facility to meet the needs of the entire community.

To help communities understand the steps within the aquatic planning process and to achieve a successful project, our staff developed a comprehensive pool planning guide with the basic process and items to consider during the planning of any aquatic facility.

It is our goal with this booklet to familiarize communities and pool committees with the aquatic planning process; however, it is not meant to replace the valuable information and assistance of an aquatic consultant.  A section of the booklet explores the importance of selecting a qualified consultant to help your community, and we encourage you to evaluate the role in which a consultant can have in your unique situation.

We hope you are able to take the information presented in the booklet and develop a firm foundation for the creation of your new or renovated aquatic facility.  We wish you luck in your next exciting aquatic journey!

To request a free copy of our pool planning guide, please contact us at or (913) 438-4338

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