How should I scope land for my next aquatic facility?

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BY Jeff Bartley

When you’re planning a new aquatic facility, it can be difficult to decide where it needs to go. Here are some things that we like to keep in mind when scouting land for aquatic facilities.

First, is location. Everyone knows the saying when it comes to purchasing any form of land- location, location, location! When obtaining land for your new facility, you are going to want land that is central to traffic, and easy to access. Any large plot of land that is near highways, expressways, busy intersections, and so on, are all great options.

Other things that need to be considered are geography. Removing rocks from under surfaces can be expensive, and natural obstacles such as sinkholes can make it impossible to build. Always be sure to get a geotech report before your purchase.

The last thing to consider is utilities. Of course, water will have to run out to the property, and it can be expensive to run pipes out to the facility if there is nothing around the area. An ideal location should be on a street with a commercial or residential building site, this way there are most likely going to be water lines running to the street. Always be sure to factor in due diligence, and check with your city planner. Our biggest recommendation, always be sure to get a potential new facility location assessed by an engineer before your purchase!

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