How should I be using social media for my aquatic center?

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When you are running an aquatic center, social media can be a great tool to help engage the public! Not entirely sure how to? We are here to help! Here are some tips that will help engage your community through optimizing social media. First, be sure to create a community on social media that aligns with your own. Make sure your company’s voice comes across in your content, and be sure to keep your audience engaged. Ways to do this could be through doing giveaways, or asking questions on your posts. Social media can be a great way to get feedback! Of course, always be sure to monitor your comment section, and answer people in your community. Lastly, make your facility more accessible! This could mean sharing a weekly or monthly schedule, fun events you have going on, programs you offer, and so on. If you offer a special service such as party spaces, this is a great way to advertise this.

Still not sure of how you are wanting to use social media with your aquatic center? Let us help!

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