Dream Design Award

Waters Edge is the proud winner of a 2014 Dream Design Award from Aquatics International for the design of Schifferdecker Aquatic Center in Joplin, Missouri.  The award recognizes Schifferdecker as a top designed leisure pool/family aquatic center in the world.  The award acknowledges the facilities unique reflection of city history and culture through modern aquatic elements and design/architecture.  Waters Edge designers and architects from Corner Greer & Associates achieved this fusion by incorporating modern aquatic features that mirror the flanged steel structures and unpainted galvanized metal of the design and architectural elements.  The finished product is a unique, tailored aquatic facility that reflects the proud mining history of the community.
The magazine feature on Schifferdecker Aquatic Center, published in the July/August issue can be viewed in part on their website at http://www.aquaticsintl.com/design/a-new-beginning_o.aspx?dfpzone=general.


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