Parks & Rec Business – July 2017 Cover Story


Water’s Edge Aquatic Design was honored to have the “Long Branch Lagoon” project featured as the cover story of the July 2017 issue of Parks and Rec Business. The story titled, “A Pioneer Project – A waterpark in the frontier of the Old West”, discusses the history of a project over a decade in the making, and the planning that was a key to it’s success. While also connecting the surrounding community, and the story the fully themed waterpark tells. “Many waterparks typically carry a theme only through the water features. Long Branch Lagoon went above and beyond with it’s attention to detail; theming elements don’t stop at a pool’s edge – they are noticed thought the park, from the bathhouse to landscaping.” The city and the design team worked together to create the vision of a municipal destination water park. To make this story even more special, many of the historical items situated throughout the park were donated from members of the community.


A Pioneer Project – A waterpark in the frontier of the Old West


The magazine feature on Long Branch Lagoon “A Pioneer Project”, published in the July 2017 issue can be viewed in part on their website at┬á


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