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Clear Lake, Iowa

Year Completed


5,252 sq. ft. of water surface area

Clear Lake aimed to replace an aging spray ground as part of their City Beach enhancement project. Water's Edge worked with the City and Architect to develop a plan, which included a variety of new water features, a creatively stained deck pattern, and a new restroom facility. Keeping the nearby scenery of the lake easily viewable was a must, and vertical elements were given careful consideration to ensure they became a cohesive part of the environment. Designers selected unique vertical elements near the restroom facility and ground sprays for the spray areas closest to the beach. The team chose vertical features themed appropriately for a lake setting, including frog and fish features. Additionally, the team selected ground sprays to provide varying elements of dynamic and social play. “Team style” sprays give children the opportunity to use their imagination to create games while interacting with the water and others. The water features vary in size and spray style to provide multiple inclusive play elements. LED lighting near each of the ground sprays allow the area to operate in the evening hours and provide additional visual interest after the sun goes down.

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