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Hampden Township, PA

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The Hampden Pool has been in operation since the 1970’s and has been experiencing cost neutrality in recent history under an enterprise fund operating model. With ongoing and increasing maintenance, and with decreasing and changing participation levels, Hampden Township commissioned Waters Edge Aquatic Design in 2019 to complete a pool feasibility study. The intent of the study was to understand options for the future to ensure the facility can support and sustain its expenditures without a subsidy or utilizing the general fund.

This study consisted of the assessment and evaluation of:

Pool’s physical condition and mechanical systems
Market and competition review
Operational and management practices
Participation and program analysis
Community input via survey and public meetings
Operational and physical improvements with costs
Operational proforma for final concepts, including fee recommendations and sales projections

With community support for the pool, the need to maintain and increase cost recovery, aged systems and maintenance needs, and competition in the area with facilities with more modern amenities, a variety of options and improvements were explored. Options ranged from maintain the facility as-is to the addition of waterpark amenities. Ultimately, final improvement options were considered, with a final recommendation, that demonstrated to be financially supported by the enterprise financial model. Schematic Design kicked off in November 2021.

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