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Roeland Park, KS

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The Roeland Park Aquatic Center (RPAC) focused on competitive swimming, offered four bodies of water, and had minimal recreational amenities. The facility operated year-round via an inflatable dome, but had ongoing and increasing maintenance and repair, with a reduction in attendance and cost recovery over the years. In 2018 the City of Roeland Park selected Waters Edge Aquatic Design to conduct a feasibility and operational study to determine the needs and options for RPAC.

Several options were studied, and the final recommendation was to pursue improvements that increased cost recovery through reducing expenses and increasing revenue. This included reducing from a year-round facility to a summer season, a reduction in the number of pools, and including features that serve both leisure and competitive swim team users. Space is available to expand the facility in the future.

The improved RPAC now serves both competitive swimmers and families, by maintaining existing lap space, adding multiple slides, sprays, and a dedicated splash pad. Improvements to the bathhouse and equipment/mechanical areas were also made to increase comfort levels and extend the facility’s operating life.

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