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Schematic Design

The purpose of schematic design is to identify the scale of your future aquatic facility, including what features and spaces are included. Our project team can confirm the final concept or create multiple concept plans.

Probable Costs

Based on the final approved concept, Waters Edge Aquatic Design will develop an opinion of probable construction costs. Cost information will be based on recently bid and constructed pools, adjusted for your location and inflation.

Design Development

The design development of the project will include identifying pool structure, recirculation system, gutter system, pumps, filters, chemical systems and heating system. Construction cost projections will be revised and presentation drawings will be provided. Exterior concepts will include a site plan, a pool layout, and pool features.

Construction Documents

Our drawings and specifications will be thoroughly detailed and will be sealed by a licensed engineer. These designs are made to be used in contractor bidding and allow local trades to participate in the site work.

Bidding Services

Our bidding construction documents incorporate all construction specifications, contract forms and detailed drawings. Our team will assist in advertising the project to prospective bidders and review bids as they’re received to determine the best match for the project based on client specifications.

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