Three Midsummer Tips for a Successful Pool Season

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With the outdoor pool season reaching its halfway point, it is important to evaluate how operations are going and adjust accordingly so that your facility ends the season strong.

Here are three tips for your midsummer evaluation:

1. Make sure lifeguards are energized.

The beginning of summer is an exciting time, but by midsummer lifeguards can start to lose focus and feel like leadership leaves them alone a bit too much. Lifeguards have seen many of the same kids swimming and might start to focus more on end-of-summer plans, such as school starting back up. If you have noticed a decrease in motivation or morale, then you need to come up with ways to reenergize.

Some ideas to energize the lifeguard staff include personally checking-in with staff, mid-season awards, hosting a get together, having “guard games” with safety-based competitions, and adding elements of fun into in-service trainings. Also, as the summer days grow hotter, it is important to encourage lifeguard staff to drink water and stay hydrated to minimize fatigue and absences.

2. Check the quality of chlorine in the water.

It is possible that chlorine levels are not effective by midsummer. This is a good time to check the combined total of chlorine and cyanuric acid (stabilizer) levels.

To check the combined total of chlorine, do a water test and subtract the total free chlorine from the total chlorine.

Total Chlorine – Free Chlorine = Combined Chlorine

If the combined chlorine levels are measuring above zero, this means that the chlorine is not as effective as it could be, and a breakpoint chlorination process may be necessary.

Also, with the change in mid-summer heat, don’t forget to check the cyanuric acid levels if you use that in your outdoor pool.

3. Start listing maintenance needs for next year.

Start looking ahead for maintenance needs for next year. If pumps are acting up or it sounds like bearings are going out, start documenting it, otherwise it could be forgotten. Addressing these maintenance needs early or scheduling them to be addressed over the off-season will improve the lifespan of your facility and equipment. Proactive maintenance also makes for a smoother start-up next season.

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Bonus tip: Each pool and community are unique. Pool consultants are available to discuss any maintenance issues or operational concerns individualized to a facility’s needs or operator skill level. Waters Edge Aquatic Design has former pool operators and lifeguards on staff who are available on phone or in-person for consulting needs. Contact us today for a short, free consultation and quote.

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