Siouxnami Waterpark

Water Parks
  • Sioux Center, Iowa
  • Completed 2019
  • 12,512 sq. ft. of water surface area

Waters Edge Aquatic Design worked with CMBA Architects and Hoss & Brown Engineers on the design and development of the Siouxnami Waterpark in Sioux Center, Iowa. With a growing interest in aquatics the City decided to expand the existing indoor and outdoor aquatic facility into a larger waterpark that serves a more diverse user base. Siouxnami Waterpark now offers a variety of fun features, including the signature zipline and lazy river with waves. It was important to the City to offer a place for young people to gather together, so a “Teen Corner” was created to offer a comfortable and usable space for this group.

Prior to the waterparks’ opening, the community of Sioux Center held a city-wide contest to select the perfect name for it’s aquatic crown jewel. Siouxnami is a spot on depiction, not only of the parks’ features, but also how the community flooded in to support this project. The waterpark is a part of the City’s All Seasons Center, which brought unique design considerations that included patron flow in and out of the Center, restroom accommodations, and delivery of chemicals and supplies. It was a priority that the aesthetic of the waterpark was inviting, so enhanced landscaping and larger, more expansive seating areas were developed to help navigate patron flow and feelings of having separate spaces. The facility’s first season in 2019 brought visitors from around the region, with an average of 263% more attendance per day and an increase in concession sales by 300% from the previous year.