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Clarendon, TX

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In 2016, the City of Clarendon sought the planning services of Waters Edge Aquatic Design to develop a new swimming pool. Several factors were considered during this process, including the size of the proposed pool, operating costs, average daily attendance, and the projected design schedule.

Cost was a major consideration during the planning and design process. The design team at Waters Edge needed to strike a balance between cost-effective functionality and attractions that would entice the citizens of Clarendon season after season. Monetary support for this project was provided through grants from the Land & Water Conservation Fund and Texas Parks & Wildlife, as well as donations from Clarendon citizens.

The spray ground and zero-depth entry are grouped together so that children can enjoy a wider area of play with decreased risk of wandering into deeper waters. Dumping buckets, underwater bubblers, sprays, and a toddler slide help to create the optimal environment for younger children, while multiple sunshades and a water bench provide a comfortable area for parents and/or guardians to relax and enjoy supervising their little ones as they splash and play.

The deep area of the pool has no shortage of activities for older children, teens, and adults alike. Three lap lanes stretch the length of the deep swim area at 65 feet, leading to a ¾ meter diving stand. A climbing wall was also included, providing ample opportunities to jump into the 8–10-foot depths below. For group games, a basketball hoop and volleyball net are also available for use.

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