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Sibley, Iowa

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2020 All-Star Community Award – Iowa League of Cities

8,004 sq. ft. of water surface area

Originally opened in 1956, the Sibley Municipal Pool had undergone improvements and renovations in the 80’s and 90’s. However, this idealistic spot recently received a major face lift. Waters Edge Aquatic Design first began an evaluation of the facility, followed by conceptual planning. Sibley’s residents passed a vote to fund the pool improvements. The study found the existing facility was losing water daily, as the concrete structure had begun to fail. The city had clear goals in mind to keep the existing pool structure but stop water loss. Along with the maintenance items several new water features were also on the agenda. Including a new spray ground, climbing wall, water walk, log roll, volleyball net, and a relaxing toddler area. The spray ground has the ability to be operational when the pool is closed or during the off season, extending residents access to waterplay throughout the year.

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