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Shawnee, Oklahoma

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Waters Edge Aquatic Design engineers provided the city of Shawnee, OK, with a feasibility study of the existing WPA pool which was built in the 1930’s. Many options were studied, which ranged from simple renovations to complete replacement. The results of the study allowed the city to save portions of the bathhouse and the diving well structure, which allotted more of the budget to modern aquatic play features

Since the existing diving basin was too shallow for one-meter and three-meter diving, Waters Edge designers took an unusual approach to deepening the pool by raising the walls and surrounding the deck of the swimming pool. The end result is a very unique elevated diving well with a cascading water fall along the entire face of the pool.

The facility also complements the surrounding park by providing a spray ground and concession area that can be utilized during events in the park, with a unique barrier fence approach.

The project also restored the appearance of the bathhouse closer to its original 1930’s appearance, which was important in keeping with part of the historical significance to the park.

The City was excited with the design of a modern and unique park while still remaining to salvage the original history and enjoyment the park has brought, and continues to bring to Shawnee over the years.

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