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Along with concept drawings, we develop total project and construction cost estimates to serve as the basis for funding and contractor bidding. We also provide an operation projection for revenue and expenditures, and develop a business plan using your local costs for wages, utilities and chemicals. Income projection using your specific ticket and program pricing is available as well.

Facility Evaluation

Our engineers are ready to evaluate your existing facility. The focus of the evaluation will define the current conditions, identify problems and present possible improvement or replacement options.

Concepts and Magnitude of Costs

Our project managers meet with user groups, city staff, council members and community members to identify your goals and aquatic preferences. We then create multiple concept plans of your future aquatic facility that encompass the desired key features and programming needs.

Feasibility Studies and Master Planning

If a more comprehensive understanding of options is necessary, a feasibility study or master plan will get you there. Our study process includes current facility assessment, community consultation and a concrete plan for meeting those needs, as well as:

  • Market studies including evaluation of current demand and future needs for aquatic programs and collecting public feedback.
  • Identifying possible strategies based on existing conditions and goals for the future.
  • Developing options that satisfy goals identified through internal feedback, public input and industry best practices.
  • Providing strategy recommendations via detailed reports and presentations.

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